Flash Courier Services Inc. is a Canadian, locally owned and operated full service courier/messenger company specializing in same day delivery from Whistler to Hope.

Flash was incorporated in 1987 with a total of two cyclists, emerging into the local messenger market with great aspirations, naive and innocent, but full of enthusiasm and dedication. Over the next few years, Flash effectively studied and learned the industry, gradually investing its time and resources into quality personnel.

Furthermore throughout this time, Flash built up an impressive array of customers who continue to rely on Flash to this day. High levels of service and consistency were the ideals that founded Flash and are still the focal parameters used to measure our success rate on a daily basis.

Soon after, Flash discovered and initiated marketing strategies dramatically increasing its market share and evolving into a major force in the local, same day industry. By late 1999 Flash launched its new web services and in the summer of 2000 its new communication software. Service accuracy that was once only dreamed about had now become a reality.

In the Fall of 2001 Flash relocated its operations and opened its warehouse and distribution arm focusing on implementing the last component in becoming the “complete service solution“.

In the beginning of 2003 Flash started developing and testing an upgrade to its communication software with a scheduled release date by Fall. Another technological improvement in our perpetual pursuit for perfect service.

With all this success Flash has never lost sight of what it does best, servicing customers in a service industry, by providing the best possible service!

We look forward to being put to the test!